For new drivers, the first 2 hours are for the price of one. If you haven’t driven before, it takes roughly 3/4 hour to explain the controls of the car, & how they work. The remainder of the 2 hour lesson is then left, to put the new found skills into practice.

A discount is also given if you pay for 10 lessons at once. You will get 10 lessons for the price of 9.

Lesson Content

As Lincolnshire is basically a rural community, you will be taught how to deal with country roads, & not just the areas around the Test Routes.

All lessons are designed to enable you to progress to the next stage on the ladder to success to become a safe driver.

As we are all individuals, what suits one person, may not suit another. Because of this your lessons will be structured to your individual needs and skill level. Allowing you to progress at a pace that is right for you.

Refresher lessons

If you haven’t driven for a while, & find the pace of today’s traffic rather daunting. Then Les Humphreys Driver Training can steer you in the right direction, & help you come to terms with modern traffic, road systems, Junctions & motorways, etc.

Nervous Pupils

Les welcomes nervous pupils, & realises meeting someone for the first time, or venturing onto today’s roads can be a scary prospect. If that’s the case, don’t worry. There are plenty of places where you can drive without being in the busy traffic at the start, enabling you to work up to those busy situations.

Les is a very patient Instructor & is used to delivering lessons to a broad spectrum of skill levels. What may seem very daunting at first, can soon be overcome.

After the Driving Test – Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a course of 6 x 1 Hour lessons covering, Town, Country, Night time, All Weathers, Dual Carriageways & Motorway driving, designed by the DSA to give you extra skills, knowledge & confidence after you pass your Driving Test

You don’t have to take another Test at the end of the course, but your driving is assessed by your Instructor throughout the course. At the end you will get a certificate from the DSA to allow you to get a reduction on your Insurance, usually equivalent to 1 year’s No Claims Discount.

You can take part in the course up to two years after passing your Test. Or if you take it in the first year, & you’re Insured on someone else’s policy, then the discount can be deferred for a year.

Not all Insurance Companies will give you a discount for taking the course. A current list can be provided on completion of the course.

As Les is a Pass Plus registered Instructor, he is able to offer this course, to enable you to acquire these extra skills that would normally take you a lot longer to achieve, & without the expert tuition along the way. Each module is structured at a higher level than the normal Driving Test, to enable you to become a more thoughtful & safer driver, in a variety of situations & environments.

Motorway & Advanced Driving

If you feel that the Pass Plus scheme isn’t for you. How about a lesson on Motorways & Dual carriageways instead. These can be very daunting & busy roads. Remember the national speed limit on these roads is 70 MPH. You may not be used to travelling at such high speeds, & find the prospect of overtaking, joining & leaving such roads a scary thought.

Les Humphreys Driver Training can deliver a suitable course on these roads if you desire, or any other modules of the Pass Plus course.
Obviously, any Pass Plus modules taken on their own will not gain a certificate, or enable you to get a reduction on you Insurance premium.

If you would like to enhance your Driving skills further. Les can also offer Advanced Driving Training. You will have to take a test for this type of training afterwards with one of the relevant bodies that monitor them.

Methods of payment

Les Humphreys Driver training accepts the following methods of payment:

Cash, Or Cheque, made payable to “Les Humphreys”.
Card payments are not accepted.

If you have to cancel your lesson for any reason. Please give 24 Hours notice, or you may be charged the full price for the missed lesson.
This is to allow time to offer the lesson to another pupil.

Please feel free to contact Les Humphreys Driver Training, to book a lesson or to enquire further.

Telephone 01652 658611 or 07720 605934, or use the email address, on the contact page.